About Dr. Alda Haas

Senior Care Angel is a program I developed to support my clients and their loved ones to maintain and extend their independence as they age. 

I provide expert medication management, perform fall risk and cognitive assessments to identify and prevent life altering catastrophic events.

I will work with your other doctors to ensure your health goals are met.

Dr. Alda is a Consultant Pharmacist, Registered Nurse and Senior Care Advocate with over 30 years experience Providing Quality Health Services.


My Story

Hello there! I am Dr. Alda Haas.   I have devoted my life to caring for the older adult.  I started at the age of 18 working as a nursing assistant on a geriatric ward in a hospital.  One of my fondest memories was working there with a sweet, blind elderly woman named Bernice.  I could not wait to help her with her meals and talk about her life experiences.  It was amazingly rewarding and I knew that caring for the elderly was my life goal.  I became a Registered Nurse working with Acute Care Dialysis, then Home Health Care.  I went back to school once again for a Doctorate in Pharmacy to make a difference in improving medication and safety outcomes for my patients.  I combine my nursing skills and pharmacy skills to deliver the best and most caring treatment for my clients.

My mission is to keep my clients healthy as they age, and have the highest quality of life possible.

Individual patient counseling is provided to the patient in their home, office, nursing facility or hospital.

Each visit will include:

A thorough medication review including:

  • all prescription and non-prescription medications
  • supplements and herbals

Assessments include:

  • Cognition/Memory
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Cardiac Risk Factors

Documentation Provided:

  • Consultation Summary- Includes assessment of current medication regimen and recommendations to optimize health outcomes and minimize adverse drug effects and cost
  • PMR- A Personal Medication Record – A list of your medications, why you are taking them and when they should be taken.
  • Risk Assessment recommendations to prevent falls